Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 bike incoming from 14 Bike Co

A UK bike company has teamed up with Samsung to create the ultimate tablet accessory

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the better iPad 2 competitors we've seen, and now it's got an accessory to help it pull away from the competition. Made courtesy of UK bike manufacturer 14 Bike Co, it's a customised road bike complete with a holder for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The holder for the Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1 is made from the same carbon fibre as used in F1 cars, so it should be nice and sturdy, while the bike itself has a steel frame and two-tone black and white paint job.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is accessible from the side, though we wouldn't advise using it while on the move. Not unless you fancy going headfirst into a postbox. You can download mileage and speed apps from Android Marketplace and track your trails though; then when you reach your destination, just clip it off and use it as normal.

It will actually go on sale in the UK, though there's no pricing or release date given. We'll bring you more when we get it.

Via Slashgear.