Samsung Galaxy S4 to sport new camera features

Leaked info suggests Samsung is making its own version of Photo Sphere

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 just a few months away the rumour mill has been heating up with leaks including case images and now new software features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 could feature a new camera mode called Samsung Orb which would allow users to stitch together a completely 360-degree image, similar to Google's own Photo Sphere feature found on Android Jelly Bean.

The leak comes from Android Geeks who claim to have been contacted by a software engineer working on the Galaxy SIV. The engineer claims that Samsung Orb will be better than Photo Sphere due to the Galaxy S4's rumoured 13MP camera.

Facebook integration has also been suggested with users able to upload their Samsung Orb pictures onto the social network allowing others to click on the image and then 'look around' inside the 360-degree photo.

The Galaxy S4 is yet to be confirmed however several companies have already started releasing videos of Galaxy S4 cases which have revealed that the smartphone will be around the same size as the Galaxy S3 but will sport a completely new design.

Other reports have claimed that the S4 will be Samsung's most powerful smartphone yet featuring a huge 1.8GHz eight-core chip called the Exynos 5 Octa chip.

While this directly contradicts SamMobile which believes Samsung's new superphone will come with a 2.0GHz quad-core processor, either would still make it the most powerful smartphone available trumping HTCs newly announced HTC One and wiping the floor of Apple's iPhone 5.

With Samsung set to unveil budget and mid-range smartphones such as the Galaxy Star at MWC 2013, users will have to wait until after the conference to find out what the Galaxy S4 will look like with rumours pointing to a mid-March release date.