Samsung Galaxy S3: Is it what you wanted?

Reactions from us, you and the rest of the tech world

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has officially arrived. Now the hype-storm is passing, and the rain-clouds have cleared, we take a fresh look at the Galaxy S3.

As the tech world collectively stands up amidst the wreckage caused by Hurricane Galaxy S3, we take a fresh look at the Samsung smartphone and ask, "what the hell just happened back there?!" and, "is this what we really wanted?"

Reactions from T3:

Kieran Alger - Editor of - @KieranAlger

"Just had a very brief play with the Samsung Galaxy S3 amid the scrum. Really light, screen looks good. Not sure about the curves."

Matt Hill - Deputy Editor of T3 Magazine - @gethill

"Samsung's Galaxy S3 arrives and instantly makes HTC's rather enormous One X look piddly. Hope someone's making trousers with bigger pockets."

Andrew Wooden - News Editor at - @T3dotcom

"That looks like a nice phone..."

"Samsung has stepped up their game again and now it's up to the competition to step up to the plate."

Reactions from some tech big-hitters:

Josh Topolsky - Editor of TheVerge - @JoshuaTopolsky

"One thing I will say — if you're a Galaxy Nexus owner, you can relax. This isn't a huge upgrade IMO."

Zach Epstein - Executive Editor at BGR - @zacharye

"That was like watching a bus full of children explode as it crashes into a hospital full of sick kittens. Nice phone though. I guess."

Gareth Beavis - Phone Editor at TechRadar - @superbeav

"The Samsung Galaxy S3 has got all the hallmarks of the best Android phone yet – exactly what Samsung wanted to achieve."

Mark Prigg - Science & Technology Editor at The Evening Standard - @markprigg

"Hmm, so if the Galaxy S3 is designed for humans, who have Samsung been designing for until now?"

Kat Hannaford - Editor of Gizmodo UK - @kathannaford

"…you'll be fine with the SII. The SIII is a great phone, but not a must-have upgrade for S II owners."

M.G. Siegler - Columnist at TechCrunch - @ParisLemon

"I am disappoint that the Galaxy S III doesn't have a 17-inch screen."

"I'm personally still waiting on the phone designed for warlocks. Galaxy S IV, perhaps?"

Reactions from some T3-ites:

Via Facebook

Celestine Ekpenyong: "I will definitely be getting this phone. I didn't think it was possible, but they've trumped the S2!!"

Juan Carlos Deras: "Bad-ass phone. The new top-of-the-food chain in the mobile market."

Carter Brown: "Was excited for the new iPhone, now Apple need to rise to the challenge."

Via Twitter

UknwWhu: "The S3 based on its specs, looks like an S2S rather than a new phone. I was expecting a 12mp camera, 2gb ram & new UI & a lot more"

MickBourne: "I just applauded and I am sitting here on my own at home!!"

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