Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Orange and T-Mobile update 'pending'

Facebook statement from Samsung reveals just two networks remaining

Android 4.0 has begun to roll out for the Samsung Galaxy S2 with Samsung confirming that it will be Orange and T-Mobile customers who are still waiting

Samsung have confirmed that Orange and T-Mobile customers are the last to receive the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich update after it confirmed that Vodafone had successfully begun their rollout this week.

In a statement on Facebook Samsung revealed how their progress in getting Android 4.0 onto Samsung's current flagship handset.

"We can confirm that ‘XEU/sim-free’ and all network upgrades are now complete except for Orange and T-Mobile which will follow as soon as possible, pending software testing and approvals."

This comes after Samsung had originally claimed that PAYG SIM-free customers would be the last to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the S2.

Making the announcement, Samsung’s Vice President of Telecommunications and Networks in the UK Simon Stanford said that SIM-free Galaxy S2 owners would be treated to the free Android 4.0 update only “once we’ve got all of the operator pieces on board.”

Defending the decision he added: “We work in conjunction with our partners to bring ICS to the existing base -- that's primarily what needs to happen, whatever network operator that may be. In this particular instance, the open market variant [ie SIM-free] you would expect to come out first.

"As an open-market customer you will be on a variety of networks, so it's got to work on whichever network you have chosen," he added. “"We were working with our operators to make sure that we brought it out to as many people as we can. Everyone holds their hands up and says, 'Well, we need to do more in these instances.'"

The Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich updates began rolling out last month with a number of UK networks offering the software update to tethered subscribers.

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