Samsung Galaxy S 2 release date teased in official video

Second-gen Galaxy S shown off in video teaser

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S 2 handset at MWC 2011

Already confirmed for an official unveiling during the company’s MWC 2011 opening conference on Sunday February 13th, Samsung has teased the upcoming Galaxy S 2 handset in an official video preview.

Announcing “There are over ten million secrets in the world” in reference to the number of Galaxy S handsets Sammy has shifted since launch last July, the video teaser goes on to offer tantalisingly little on the upcoming follow-up.

Other than a brief insight into the device’s outline at the end of the video, one that hints towards a stunningly slim form factor, little else is revealed on the upcoming handset in the teaser video asides from the fact that unsurprisingly it can seemingly play music and take photos.

Recent leaks have outed the fact that, not only will the Samsung Galaxy S 2 handset be officially unveiled a week on Sunday, sometime between 18:30 and 19:04 GMT to be precise, but the device will land sporting a dual-core processor and Super AMOLED Plus display. will be on hand live from the Samsung MWC conference in Barcelona on Sunday February 13th to bring you all the latest on the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S 2. For all the latest direct from MWC 2011 sign up to follow the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.