Samsung Galaxy R coming to the UK shortly

Stripped down Galaxy S2 headed to Europe and Asia.

New Galaxy arrives with cut-down features and cut-down price.

Samsung's mid-range version of the Galaxy S2 is bound for Blighty, Sammy have revealed.

The Galaxy R, which comes packing a 4.2" Super Clear LCD instead of the Galaxy S2's Super AMOLED+ display, a 5MP camera to the S2's 8MP and 8GB of onboard storage to the S2's 16GB, has already launched in Sweden, with the rest of Europe and Asia to follow shortly.

Prices for the Galaxy R are expected to be a good £200 lower than for the Galaxy S2, with the handset going for around £370 in Sweden, SIM-free, compared to the £500+ folks over here can currently expect to pay for the S2.