Samsung Galaxy Note engraving now availble in South Korea

Samsung to take on Apple with personalised products

Samsung has taken on Apple at its own game and is now offering engraving on its latest product, of course the question is whether it'll come to the UK

Samsung is now offering an engraving service along with a purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note in South Korea, the 5.3 inch device is also availble in both black and white.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was released several months ago and has enjoyed relative success with reviews praising its large 5.3 Super AMOLED screen and its use of the stylus.

Of course adding an engraving service could well increase its desirability and while the service is only available in South Korea it could well be something that they will bring to Europe and possibly the US when it does finally land stateside.

With a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and a 8MP rear-facing camera which will shoot full-HD along with a high-res 2MP front-facing camera for high-quality video-calling.

Would you like to see Samsung introduce an engraving or personalisation service for the Galaxy Note or perhaps the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3? Let us know via the comments box below...

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Source: Ubergizmo