Samsung: Free Galaxy S for Apple iPhone 4 users

Samsung dish out handsets for embittered iPhone tweeps

Fancy a free Samsung Galaxy S? Hop on the Apple-bashing bandwaggon and it could be yours...

Samsung has chipped in with its own dig at the iPhone 4 and its signal problems. Following Nokia's own spoof ad "How to hold your Nokia", Samsung came out with its own "Hello" ad, with the Ls replaced with siganl bars. But Sammy have stepped up the Apple-bashing by offering a limited number of free Galaxy S handsets to unhappy Apple tweeters.

Aggreived Apple customers who tweeted their dismay over the iPhone 4 signal problems to the @samsungukmobile twitter account were sent free Galaxy S handsets by Samsung to make up for it. As tweeted by Samsung: "Yes, we’re giving away Galaxy S'. We’re proud of it so wanted to get it into some people’s hands to spread the word. Only a few left!"

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@samsungukmobile's recent tweets feed is full of messages to soon-to-be Samsung Galaxy S owners. An example tweet: "Hi, your new Galaxy S has been shipped! Hope this sorted your choice dilemma, it has been receiving a great reception ;)" We see what you did there, Samsung.

This response by Samsung is the latest episode in the backlash against Apple's 'Antennagate' conference, during which Steve Jobs demonstrated with a selection of competitors' handsets that the signal problem that occurs in the iPhone 4 when the handset is held incorrectly is, quote: "a fact of life for every wireless phone". Your move, Apple.

iPhone users: would you trade your iPhone 4s for the Samsung Galaxy S? Let us know by e-mailing us or on our twitter feed.