Samsung flexible display concept video released

Bendy tablet outed with concept tech give the real world treatment with augmented treats

Future tech is taken to a new level with Samsung outing its flexible display technology in a new tablet concept video

Offering a tantalising insight into what is soon to be possible Samsung has released a video outing its concept flexible AMOLED displays and the features they are likely to boast in the future.

Far from the first time Samsung has touted its bendable display wares the new trailer puts the innovative and futuristic tech into a number of real world situations for the first time showing how in the future users could use their malleable tablet-esque devices to translate conversations and explore the sights.

With concept designs earlier in the year hinting at a potential 2012 flexible phone arrival form Samsung, the new tablet trailer shows how the tech could be paired with augmented reality to allow users to view meals from a menu or act as a camera.

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display Concepts

At CES 2011 back in January the Korean tech giant showed off its first 4.5-inch smartphone sized flexible display with the convexed offering used to host video content with an impressive WVGA 800 x 480p resolution adorning the 0.3mm thick screen.

Are flexible gadgets and manoeuvrable screens the future of the tech industry or the latest futuristic buzzword set to remain a concept for decades to come? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.

Via: Ubergizmo