Samsung drops Symbian

Move comes days after Sony Ericsson's similar move

Sammy's Symbian forum to be shut down by December.

Samsung has followed Sony Ericsson and confirmed that it will no longer be supporting Symbian. The Korean giant is planning to shut its Symbian forum for developers in December, before deleting all Symbian content.

The move, announced in an email to devs, is hardly a big surprise. Sammy’s focus is very much on its own Bada OS, as well as Google Android and Windows Phone 7, the latter set to play a big role in the coming weeks.

Samsung has said, however, that it will remain a member of the Symbian Foundation, but with no new phones being developed, it leaves only Nokia flying the flag for its recently rejogged OS.

The timing couldn’t be worse for the Finns, coming as it does in the same week when the flagship Nokia N8 starts shipping, loaded with the all-new Symbian 3. Will this hurt Symbian and Nokia? Or has Samsung made the right call? Tell us your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Engadget