Samsung defend Galaxy Tab return rate figures

Sammy attacks false figures with 2 per cent returns

Samsung claim Galaxy Tab has less than a two per cent return rate

Samsung has struck back at claims up to 15 per cent of Galaxy Tab sales have subsequently been returned to vendors, reporting the actual return rate is “below two per cent.”

The reported high return figures, which originated from a Wall Street marketing firm on Wednesday, struck a chord with the Korean tech manufacturer following an earlier PR faux-pas surrounding the company’s first Android powered tablet device.

In a stern response to the seemingly fictional statistics Samsung announced: "The return rate of the Galaxy Tab in the US as claimed by an North American market research firm is incorrect. According to Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business the return rate is below 2 percent."

If true, Samsung’s claimed return rates of under two per cent would put the number of disgruntled Galaxy Tab users in line with those returning iPads to Apple.

The reportedly erroneous figures followed a recent mistranslation of Samsung exec Lee Young-hee who was reported as describing sales of the Galaxy Tab as “quite small” when he in fact stated they were “quite smooth”.

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Via: TechRadar