Samsung considering move away from plastic phones

Galaxy S5 may come with aluminium and magnesium back according to reports

Samsung is reportedly considering using an aluminium and magnesium back for the Galaxy S5.

The Korean mobile phone maker currently uses a polycarbonate back for its flagship mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to sources speaking to ET News, the Samsung Galaxy S5 would be the first device to move to a metallic back. However, it would not be the only device, with later handsets also making the move away from using plastic for their backs.

Both Apple’s iPhone 5 and HTC One use metallic backs. Some commentators say the metallic back feels more premium.

The move is part of a larger redesign that Samsung’s engineers are reportedly working on. The report says that the company has sent engineers to Vietnam to investigate the feasibility of introducing metallic backs to its future phones.

It is unlikely that Samsung’s next smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be part of the move. It is due to be unveiled next week at IFA 2013 in Berlin.

Apple is widely expected to unveil a budget iPhone next month that uses a polycarbonate back. It may be that Samsung is worried that the budget iPhone’s plastic back could create a negative connotation for smartphones with plastic backs.

The report is the second in as many weeks about the Samsung Galaxy S5. Earlier this month, it was reported that Samsung is working on a new 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation. It is thought the first phone it would appear in is Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

Samsung is likely to unveil its next flagship smartphone around March or April next year.