Samsung confirms Nexus Prime smartphone?

Letter from Sammy legal team calls Nexus Prime by name

Legal team name Nexus S follow-up in cease and desist letter.

The future of Google's Nexus phones has always been a bit of a touchy subject, with the original Nexus One failing to do much to pull iPhone fans away from the Church of Jobs and its follow-up, the Nexus S, launching with a disappointing vanilla Android OS and placky body. But after much speculation, a letter from Samsung's legal team appears to have confirmed that not only will there be a third installment in the Nexus trilogy, but that Samsung is once again at the helm.

The letter was sent by Samsung's legal eagles to tech site, which it claims was "in posession of and intending to release or otherwise publicly disclose without Samsung's consent, firmware for the Nexus Prime." Clever marketing ploy or judicial slip-up? Either way, it looks like Samsung has put its cards on the table.

As points out, getting the name and who's building the Nexus Prime out of the way means we're now free to speculate on what we can expect from the device itself. Samsung still have pretty much the monopoly on pitch-black AMOLED screens, as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the previous Nexus models, so we'd expect one of those, probably around 4.3-inches in size as is the fashion. An NFC chip, also included in the Nexus S, would also make sense, now that the NFC technology is actually on the horizon in the UK. Anything we're missing? Let us know at the T3 inbox or via the T3 Twitter feed.