Samsung beats Apple with smartphone shipments

Company shipped twice as many phones as Apple did in 2012 Q3

Despite the overwhelming success of the iPhone 5 analysts have put forward a picture of the smartphone market and actually it's Samsung who are sitting on the throne

Samsung shipped twice as many smartphones as Apple did in Q3 of 2012 making it the largest company in terms of smartphone shipments, in part thanks to its new Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 smartphones.

Analysts ABI have put forward the results of their research showing that the South Korean company dominated Q3 handset shipments with 102.6 million handsets shipped compared to Apple who shipped just 26.9 million.

Of course while it's important to remember that Apple only has two smartphones the Californian company will still need to ship over 90 million in Q4 to maintain its current level of growth.

Nokia has retained its position as the second-largest company despite the fact it's shipments were down 38 per cent, ABI points the blame at the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 both of which cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

One of the most interesting statistics was that just 40 per cent of all handsets shipped in the world were smartphones, suggesting that for the global population a smartphone is still considered something of a premium product.

Source: ABI