Samsung Bada to merge with Intel's Tizen OS

Confirmed at CES by Samsung Executive

Samsung is looking to secure a foundation for its already niche operating system Bada after it decided to use Android as its main operating system for phones

Samsung has confirmed that it will be merging its Bada operating system with the Open Source Tizen project run by Intel which will see Tizen be backwards compatible with all Bada applications.

Talking to Forbes at CES, Senior Vice President of Samsung’s Contents Planning Team, Tae-Jin Kang confirmed that the switchover would be happening and that post-integration developers who could write a program for Bada would also be able to then use it for Tizen.

Tizen is as yet, unused on any mobile device but with the SDK still being in its alpha stage it's not expected that there will be any devices soon with developers being given time to adjust to the new OS.

What is known is that Tizen will support all the usual functionality that modern smartphones do including the more advanced NFC (Near Field Communications) which also means it could potentially function with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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Source: Forbes