Samsung Bada OS to depend on apps and handset looks

"The attractiveness of the handset is the main driver."

Bada OS to challenge iPhone and Android app offerings?

Samsung, creator of the recently released Samsung Wave smartphone, the first device to support the Bada operating system, has spoken out on the handset saying that it is the smartphone package and not the new OS that will appeal to consumers.

Speaking at the London stop of the Samsung Bada developer's conference world tour, Samsung’s Senior Manager of apps and platforms, Philip Northam, said: “We overestimate the people in the streets who know what kind of operating system they are using.”

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He added: “A lot of consumers, the guy or girl in the street who walks into a Carphone Warehouse or Vodafone shop, the majority of them they don’t have a clue what operating system they want. The attractiveness of the handset is the main driver.”

The new Bada platform, which will be exclusive to Samsung’s touchscreen handsets, is set to bring a dedicated app store to Bada devices. Targeting a quality over quantity approach to the content for the Bada App Store, Samsung Mobile UK’s Marketing Director and head of app sourcing, Paul Wilkens echoed Northam’s comments saying: “What the people that buy the Wave see is an app store and games. They don’t see Bada, they don’t see the platform, they don’t see the tools, they just see great applications.”

Looking into Bada’s future, Wilkens said: “In the next six months, for us it is about finding really really good applications. We are not going to be chasing millions of apps, there is a downside to having 200,000 apps on the app store, what we are looking for is the upside. Some really fantastic quality games and things that get people interested.”

With the flagship Bada handset, the Samsung Wave already on the market and proving popular, Samsung is to continue its assault on the app market dominated by Apple and Google Android handsets with the imminent arrival of the Samsung Wave 2 and Wave 3.