Samsung at IFA 2011: Wave 3, Bada 2.0 and Smart TV

Full round-up of major releases at Samsung's IFA talk

Image 1 of 9 Samsung Wave M
Samsung Wave M
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Samsung MV800
Image 3 of 9 Samsung Wave 3
Samsung Wave 3
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Samsung NX200
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Samsung Wave Y
Image 6 of 9 Samsung Wave 3
Samsung Wave 3
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Samsung NX200
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Samsung MV800
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Samsung MV800

While casually inventing a new category Samsung's also been updating their current products from the new Bada 2.0 OS to the phone which will hold it; the Wave 3

Samsung's been busy since it last gave a talk, rising up from the recent legal troubles its been suffering after its flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was banned in Europe and then reinstated. Not only offering up a new tablet, the company showcased a new catagory device known as the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Of course Samsung didn't go on about just two products for an hour, they've also updated their Bada mobile operating system and brought in three new handsets that will run it. In the Smart TV section they made a big announcement concerning YouTube and finally in the world of photography they threw two major new cameras into the ring. Here's a full breakdown of the big release that went on at Samsung's IFA 2011 conference.

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Samsung Bada 2.0 and Wave 3
First up is the update that Samsung have given to their small but successful operating system Bada. Offering up some cutting edge features, Bada has somehow remained even with Google Android and Apple's iOS on either side, finding a niche market Bada aims to provide customers with premium simplicity. In 2.0 you get WiFi Direct, a feature which uses wifi to allow device-to-device file sharing and communication. You'll also get multi-tasking and the new messaging service from Samsung ChatOn.

Using this new operating system is the Samsung Wave 3, the latest in their Wave series. Featuring a 4" Super AMOLED display, the Wave 3 utilises a metal unibody design and will be powered by a hefty 1.4Ghz dual-core processor. On top of that you'll get a 5MP camera on the back with flash, and a VGA front-facing camera for video-calling. Alongside this flagship handset will be two others; the Wave M and the Wave Y.

Samsung Smart TV and YouTube
One of the major announcements from Samsung was that the company has signed a deal with YouTube which will see exclusive 3D content available on Samsung Smart TVs. This will make Samsung the first company to offer 3D YouTube content on a TV and through the YouTube App, users will be able to access thousands of 3D HD videos on any 3D enabled Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung MV800 Multi-View Camera
Always one to throw forward innovative designs, Samsung has come up with the MV800; a compact digital camera with a fully hinged back screen allowing the large 3" touchscreen to be viewed from almost any angle.

It has a 16MP sensor and comes with 5x optical zoom, you'll also be able to take live panorama shots using the 26mm wide angle lens. Designed for functionality, the sturdy hinged display will be a portal to Samsung's new Smart Touch 3.0 interface which allows quick touch access to the camera's main features.

Samsung NX200
Samsung's flagship camera, the NX200 is designed to bridge the gap between compact and SLR just as the NX100 did before it. Offering a 20.3MP APS CMOS Sensor, the NX200 has a ISO range from 100-12,800 and allows 7fps continuous shooting.

Elsewhere on the camera you'll find a 3" AMOLED display along with Samsung's iFunction feature which allows you to make subtle changes to brightness, contrast and ISO all through a control dial on the lens itself. To offer true functionality the NX200 is also compatible with all NX Lenses opening up a huge range of cusomisation options.

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