Samsung announces Galaxy S series top 100 million sales

Samsung Galaxy S3 passes 40 million sales

Samsung has announced its sales figures for the popular Galaxy S series phones

Electronics giant Samsung has released the sales figures for its popular range of Galaxy S Series phones; with over 100 million phones sold in just under three years.

The original Galaxy S sold 10 million units within its first year, whilst the second version- the S2 achieved the same number within just five months. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has now passed 40 million sales.

In November, the company launched a miniature version of the S3 handset, aptly named ‘the S3 mini, however Sammy hasn't given us any sales figures for this one yet.

Of course, selling 40 million handsets is child's play compared to the Galaxy S3's other accolade. Picking up the award for T3's Smartphone of the Year 2012? That's much harder, so congratulations Samsung.