Samsung announces Chromebox and Series 5 Chromebook

CES sees two new Google Chrome OS products from Samsung

Samsung is clearly embracing the Google Chrome OS, but is also doing it with a cautious edge with a Series 5 update and a Chromebox desktop product

Samsung clearly had the Mac Mini in mind when it came up with the newly announced Samsung Chromebox, a desktop computer running Google's Chrome OS.

Although Samsung is remaining cagey on the specs, it confirmed the device will come packaged with a wireless mouse and keyboard combination. The Chromebox also includes five USB 2.0 ports on the exterior, along with DVI, a DisplayPort and headphone jack.

On the other hand, the newly refreshed Series-5 Chromebook range will boast an Intel Celeron processor, a step up from the Intel Atom processor found in current models. It will also come with the standard 16GB of RAM and 21.1 inch display. The design has been slightly re-jigged, however, with a new matte look and more clandestine logo placement.

Though UK prices are yet to be confirmed, Samsung will sell the WiFi-only model of the Chromebook in the States for $399 (£220), while a WiFi and 3G model will set buyers back $449 (£292).

Source: Engadget