Samsung and Visa plotting NFC Olympic phone

London 2012 mobile will pack mobile wallet smarts

Two sponsors joining forces to bring NFC phone to next year's games.

Samsung and Visa are working on a NFC-packing Olympics phone, which will be handed out to athletes competing in next year’s London games. And what’s more, regular punters will be able to get in on the act too.

The phone will be released as part of a wider tie-up between the two companies, as they look to make contactless payments more popular. The Samsung-made phone will pack a Visa-backed SIM card, letting you wave the phone at any NFC reader to pay for food or assorted Olympic tat. All you need to do to activate the service is dive into the on-board Visa app.

NFC is becoming increasingly popular, with Google baking support for the tech into Android Gingerbread. Apple is reportedly working on bringing NFC to its next-gen iPhone as well.

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Via Mobile Business Briefing