Samsung and LG to debut 'retina display' for tablets

Display could be available later this year

LG is widely known as having won the resolution race with the iPhone 4's retina display, but now, the tablet race has begun.

Samsung and LG have both revealed that they will be showcasing 'ultra high resultion' displays at the SID 2011 conference next week.

Samsung have been more than forthcoming revealing that the 300ppi display will be 10.1 inches and will accomplish a quite ridiculous resolution of 2,560 x1,600. As if to wet our appetites further the company has said that the displays could well be in service later this year.

LG however has been slightly less open about it's display but then again it's technology has already been proven in the form of the iPhone 4's astonishing 'Retina Display'. However what they're promising is a full range of screen sizes ranging from 3.5 all the way up to a frankly silly 84-inches, all of which will have a PPI greater than the human eye can recognise.

Whether Samsung or LG will be able to create the same 326ppi as seen on the iPhone 4 will be another matter. Either way we'll be keeping our eyes closely peeled on what they unveil next week.

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Source: Engadget