Samsung 65C8000: World's largest 3D LED TV

New 65-inch flagship 3DTV heads to the US

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Samsung C8000: World's largest 3DTV
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Samsung C8000: World's largest 3DTV
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Samsung C8000: World's largest 3DTV

Decided that actually your 32inch LED TV isn't big enough? Why not double it, oh and add 3D.

Samsung has unveiled its latest range of LED and Plasma 3DTV's for the US, the flagship model being the C8000 65-inch LED TV; which also just happens to be the world's largest 3DTV.

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At 65-inches the C8000 is completely 3D capable, has a 240Hz refresh rate, WiFi and then to seal the deal packs a modestly biblical 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio. The price for this top-end TV is a cool £3850 ($6000), meaning that it at least has a price to match those boastful statistics.

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Along with the 65-inch C8000, Samsung has released a duo of Plasma 3D capable TV's: the 680 series. These will be available in either 50 or 58-inches and pack full 1080p HD and 600Hz Subfield Motion, priced in order at £1025 and £1474.

What's most interesting to note about these releases is the commitment to interactivity that Samsung is demonstrating in its high-end models. With an app-store available in the US, customers can add widgets and extra functionality to their WiFi enabled 3DTVs; being able to make calls over Skype, check their Facebook and also use Google apps.

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