Samsung 3D VOD service hits Korea ahead of UK launch

3D video-on-demand service launches with rollout plans

US and Europe to follow Korea with 3D VOD service

Samsung has announced it is to launch a 3D video-on-demand service in its native Korea with plans for a US and European rollout.

Landing in the company’s home nation today, the 3D VOD service is to launch with a variety of content from the DreamWorks studio as 3D films, movie trailers and music videos are all offered up to users touting internet connected 3DTVs. Children’s and educational content will complete the launch offerings.

To be made available via a 3D application in the company’s Smart TV marketplace, Samsung has confirmed that it plans to roll the 3D VOD service out across wider markets in the near future with the US and European markets leading the imminent road map.

Whilst it is currently unknown which European nations will receive the service and on what date this may happen, the UK is widely predicted as one of the first stops for the extra-dimensional on-demand offering.

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Via: CNet