Safari 5 with Extensions official

Updated browser slips out after iPhone 4 fanfare

Speed boosts and neat new features aim to put Safari back at the top of the browser pile.

Apple has unleashed Safari 5, with a slew of new features which match up precisely with an extensive leak which slipped out yesterday.

The update, available now, adds the chance to use Bing search as well as Google and Yahoo, just like the new iPhone 4. Devs can also get to work with the new Safari Developer Program, which allows for Firefox-style extensions. These, however, will need the Apple stamp of approval, a la the App Store.

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The new Reader function is also present, as predicted. Rather than act as an RSS feed though, Safari Reader allows you to click on a dedicated icon in the address field in order to clear page clutter and present articles in an easy-to-read view.

It wouldn’t be an Apple goodie if there weren’t some boasts about beating down rivals, and Cupertino has duly delivered some noteworthy stats. It reckons it loads Javascript twice as fast as Firefox 3.6 and three per cent faster than Chrome 5.0. In all, it’s 30 per cent faster than Safari 4.

You can nab Safari 5 now for both Mac and PC. Be sure to tell us what you think of Apple’s latest browser efforts.

Link: Apple