Russian 4G phone spotted with front and rear screens

Rear e-ink display spotted on Russian Android smartphone

Dual screen smartphone gets the Russian makeover

Russian President, Dmitry Medvedv has been given an exclusive hands-on with a forward thinking, futuristic and slightly peculiar looking 4G smartphone that, as well as featuring a rather standard front facing screen, will host a rear fitted e-ink display.

Believed to run on Google’s Android OS, the handset created by a government-funded company Russian Technologies was outed in a video (below) that sees Medvedv given a personal one-on-one with the device that’s dual screen configuration is a unique feature.

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Whilst the device is never turned on during the video demonstration, the potentially revolutionary rear screen, which we believe to be of the e-ink variety does appear to be nothing more than a sticker added to what appears to be predominantly plastic looking handset.

Although we are yet to be won over by the prospect of a front and rear screen touting smartphone reports have pegged the 4G Russian device with a May 2011 release for use across the country’s 4G network following production in Taiwan.

Does the idea of a rear e-ink screen on a pocket blower fill you with joy and wonder? Share your thoughts of the spotted Russian handset with us via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.