Rugged Samsung Xcover E2370 boasts 67-day standby

Dust and splash proof handset to launch next month

Neither style nor substance, just longevity and economy

Brawn over brains will always win favour with the ladies as will staying power. Following such beliefs Samsung has decided to see if the same is true of mobile phones, bucking the smartphone trend to launch a rugged new handset with a staggering 67-day standby limit.

The Samsung Xcover E2370 may be limited in terms of functions to calls and the occasional text message, but has been fully certified as dust and splash resistant.

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Expected for a July release across Europe the hardened Samsung blower boasts a highly impressive 22-hours of talk time on a single battery charge meaning any business trip or gruelling mountainous trek will not see you caught short on power.

Due to cost less than £100 the Samsung Xcover E2370, although being a hard shelled handset, will be as soft on your wallet as it is on the battery.