Royal Wedding 3D: the broadcasters speak

Will this be the event to make 3D mainstream?

Broadcasters give their verdict on the 3D royal wedding

No sooner was it announced than the rumours started the royal wedding would be broadcast in 3D. While there’s been no official announcement, some of the broadcasters are wording their statements very interestingly, and might be revealing more than they want.

A BBC spokesperson told us: "The BBC is running a small number of experiments with 3DTV to explore the creative potential in the format, evaluate the different technology options, and to allow us to contribute to the development of industry-wide standards.” They continued, “It is possible that our experiments may include some events, requiring live 3D, but there are no plans to share at present."

So the BBC could well be planning to broadcast the event, expected to eclipse Charles and Diana’s 750 million viewers back in 1981, in 3D on April 29th, though it’s not letting on as yet. It’d certainly be the kind of event television needed to propel 3D from early adopters to the mainstream.

Sky already has a 3D channel up and running, but a spokesperson told us, “We will look at it as we do any big event, but we’re not able to confirm anything at this stage.” Though considering the track record the broadcaster has with live 3D events, you’d be a fool to bet against it.

Virgin Media, meanwhile, is being a bit cagier. A spokesperson said, "As the first digital TV provider in the UK to bring 3D content to its customers, we're looking to broaden our range of exciting 3D on Demand with more shows to appeal to all tastes. We're really excited by this new immersive way to enjoy film and TV and will be looking to bring our customers new 3D content as it becomes available."

So early days yet, but we’ll bring you more as it’s announced.