Royal Mail's stamps can be read by iPhones, Androids

Augmented reality stamp by Royal Mail now on sale

Running headlong into the 21st century is Royal Mail, as it released the world's first "intelligent" stamp.

Royal Mail has come out with what it calls the world's first "intelligent" stamp. A stamp that shows online content when a smartphone is used to read it has been released by Royal Mail.

A smartphone that has the free image recognition application - Junaio - can view the stamp, which takes users to a webpage. Junaio has versions for the Apple iPhone and Android phones.

The stamp is part of Royal Mail's Greatest British Railways edition. When viewed by the Junaio app, it directs users to a short film that shows Bernard Cribbins (companion of the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who) reading "The Night Mail" - a poem by Auden.

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The Royal Mail's Philip Parker said, "This is the first time a national postal service has used this kind of technology on their stamps and we're very excited to be bringing intelligent stamps to the nation's post. Through intelligent stamp technology, our stamps will open up to a whole new world of information, interest and fun to collectors and the millions of people who will receive them on letters in the coming months alike."

The augmented reality stamps will continue to roll out as the technology will be made available on selected future special stamps.

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Via: BBC