Rock Band 3 will auto-tune your singing voice

iZotope's 'audio signal processing' spruces up vocals

Will it make anyone keener to be the singer?

It’s a universal truth that, while it’s very fun to play the guitar, bass and drums in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero, people are hesitant to pick up the mic and sing. Unless extremely drunk.

Thankfully, that’s about to change, with the announcement that Rock Band 3 will employ clever ‘audio signal processing’ tech from iZotope to wrangle your dulcet tones into something more aurally pleasing. Much like T-Pain favourite Auto-tune, the aim will be to gently nudge your onscreen vocals into key.

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A Rock Band rep says of the tech: "Rock Band 3 provides players with the option to enable vocal effects commonly used in the music industry, assisting players to sing on key more easily with pitch correction and bringing the tools that pros use into the living room.”

Likewise, Mark Ethier from iZotope says that "Rock Band is an ideal platform for us to showcase iZotope's technology, so we can provide gamers with studio-grade audio effects that professional mixers, sound designers and others in the entertainment industry have relied on for years.”

All sounds good, except won’t your actual real world singing drown out the more tuneful voice being pumped out of your speakers? Time will tell.