Rock Band 3 coming 26 October

83 tracks and keyboard peripheral confirmed for autumn

US release date official but no word on UK plans as yet.

Rock Band 3 has been slapped with a release date. From 26 October, you’ll be able to rock out to 83 tracks on the official disc, as well as gain access to a mind-blowing 2,000 plus tunes online.

The catch is this is a US-only release date, with Harmonix keeping schtum about its international plans. Previous titles, such as Beatles Rock Band, have rocked up on the same day across the globe, so here’s hoping we won’t be kept waiting too long.

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The game will rock a keyboard peripheral for the first time, as well as three-part vocal harmonies, as if just one of you belting out Hotel California wasn’t bad enough. Fortunately, the auto-tune feature will spare your blushes a tad.

Rock Band 3 is set to cost $60 (£39) on PS3, Wii and Xbox 360, dropping to $30 (£19) on Nintendo’s DS. We’re keeping a close eye out for UK plans, so make sure you bookmark our Facebook and Twitter pages to stay bang up-to-date with all the news as it breaks.