RnBXclusive.com shut down by SOCA with warning message

Site replaced with warning message showing your IP and more

Following in the footsteps of the recent Megaupload.com case the British Serious Organised Crime Agency has sprung into action against UK sites

The Serious Organised Crime Agency has shut down RnBXclusive.com a well-known file-sharing site which reportedly offered users the ability to illegaly download music.

The site was shut down and replaced with a message from SOCA which not only shows your own IP address and browser that you're using but comes with a warning .

"SOCA has the capability to monitor and investigate you, and can inform your internet service provider of these infringements."

"You may be liable for prosecution and the fact that you have received this message does not preclude you from prosecution."

According to the Telegraph SOCA has not yet confirmed whether it is investigating the users of the site, or indeed anyone who visits the site.

The website also states that a single person has been arrested for fraud while the BBC reports that in a statement given to them SOCA believes the site has cost the music industry as much as £15 million.