Rival Instagram and Hipstamatic photo-sharing apps join forces

New partnership allows Hipstamatic snaps an easier path to Instagram stardom

Instagram is now allowing photos to be uploaded from rival photo-sharing app Hipstamatic in a move that suggests the former wants to become the place to share your mobile snaps

In a somewhat interesting turn of events, rival iPhone photography apps Instagram and Hipstamatic have announced a partnership which makes it easier for users to get the best from both services.

From now on Hipstatmatic's army of four million users will be able to share their photographs, often taken with a range of retro lens effects and filters, to the massively popular Instagram site, which has 27 million users.

The link-up is the first time that users of other photography apps have been able to upload snaps directly to Instagram and paves the way for the company to perhaps become a mobile-centric version of Flickr further on down the line; if it decides to go down the open API route.

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom said: "It’s a step in the direction that we’re testing out. We’ve been very careful about making sure that Instagram photos are about what’s happening right now in your life, and we want to allow for more of those photos to end up on Instagram regardless of where they’re taken."

Systrom says that the pattern of users editing their photos via Hipstamatic, which arguably has a greater array of options, before uploading to Instagram was on the rise and the new partnership helps to simplify that process.

Hipstamatic CEO Lucas Buick added that recent trends have shown its user base is shifting away from sharing via Twitter and Facebook and more in the direction of Instagram.

He said: "We’ve never been a social networking company, but we clearly benefit from social networks. So this will be the first app outside of Instagram that lets you into their network. That’s pretty cool for us."

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Source: Fast Comany (via: Venture Beat)