RIM's 2011 BlackBerry lineup leaked online

Yet more pics appear of this year's Berry handsets

Image 1 of 4 BlackBerry Monaco
BlackBerry Monaco
Image 2 of 4 BlackBerry Apollo
BlackBerry Apollo
Image 3 of 4 BlackBerry Dakota
BlackBerry Dakota
Image 4 of 4 BlackBerry Torch 2
BlackBerry Torch 2

New BlackBerry handsets revealed, but can they hope to compete with Apple and Android?

We reported earlier this week that a new BlackBerry handset from RIM, the so-called BlackBerry "Dakota", had somehow found its way onto the web a few months early. Well, after a bit of digging by the folks over at BGR, we can bring you another three (yes, three) handsets to go along with it.

While the Dakota is - if the leaked images are to be believed - the next generation BlackBerry Bold, BGR also has what look like publicity stills of the Torch 2, the Monaco (or the new 'Berry Storm) and the Apollo (the new Curve).

What details can be revealed about the handsets? Well, first off all the devices with the exception of the Monaco retain the signature BlackBerry physical keyboard (although the Dakota pairs it with a touchscreen), and users can swap info with each other (including business cards, phone numbers etc.) wirelessly by holding their two handsets next to each other. Nothing new in itself, but RIM are reportedly gearing up to use the same technology to allow users to make payments (as with and Oyster card) or use their Berries as keycards - slick.

Apart from some sleek outer shells, there's not a lot else right now to get excited about. Processors are all between the 800MHz - 1.2GHz range, and the cameras are 5MP, but with the release of the new 'Berry family being pegged in Q3 of this year, we'd worry that these even-now-average specs will have little to hold off future Apple and Android competitors with.

Via: BGR