RIM working on BlackBerry music service

RIM reportedly in talks with four major record labels

Music service coming to BlackBerry - details thin on the ground.

Research In Motion are reportedly planning to launch a dedicated music service for BlackBerry users, according to anonymous sources on the interweb.

Apparently in talks with at least four major record companies - Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI - the music service will reportedly integrate with BlackBerry's BBM messenger service, although details on just what that will entail are sketchy.

An anonymous source told PCWorld.com that the service will grant BlackBerry users access to "50 songs at a time", although whether that means 50 songs per day, week, month or other time period isn't clear. We may not have long to wait to find out, however, as according to the Wall Street Jounral, the service may launch as early as next week. RIM, predictably, are holding the company line and refusing to comment on "rumour and specualtion."

It's not a lot to go on, but our question is with established music services for other mobile operating systems so far along, is BlackBerry getting into the music game too late? With the BlackBerry PlayBook and the launch of its first QNX-powered handset just around the corner, it looks like 'Berry are putting all their chips down on the developments of the next few months.

Via: PCWorld