RIM to use NFC technologies in future BlackBerry devices

Upcoming BlackBerry devices to host NFC payment tech

BlackBerry smartphones and tablets to feature NFC

Canadian tech giant Research In Motion (RIM) has revealed it intendeds to incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies into most future smartphones and tablets.

Following claims RIM chief Jim Balsillie made at Mobile World Congress last month declaring “many if not most" of the company’s 2011 products would feature NFC tech, RIM’s UK Managing Director, Stephen Bates, has spoken openly on the planned close-range wireless tech inclusion.

Taking to the stage of the Westminster eForum in London, Bates announced: "We're going to deploy NFC in virtually all of our devices." He added that inbuilt NFC tech “creates new businesses, new markets and new revenue streams".

Simulating the technologies found in Oyster cards and contact-free bank payment cards, NFC technologies in phones will eventually, it is hoped, forgo the need for multiple chip containing products with a single smartphone acting as a central hub to your travel and payment needs.

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Via: ZDNet