BlackBerry shakeup not enough says analyst

RIM needs to focus on 'Apple style' customer experience

Analyst says BlackBerry needs to change focus in order to stay competitive following rumours of a boardroom shakeup to combat slipping sales.

Following the rumour that BlackBerry would be losing its co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie in a boardroom shakeup analyst Malik Saadi from Informa Telecoms & Media has revealed that even this bold move may not be enough to save Blackberry and RIM.

"I don’t believe that removing Lazaridis and Balsilie is enough to get RIM back on track. The company needs a real change in its culture and strategy, away from its current obsession with technology."

"The company seems to be always in a rush to use new technologies for the sake of expanding opportunities to new market segments. At the same time, RIM is losing focus on the customer experience."

The rumour was first brought to the attention of the Financial Post yesterday when a source came forward suggesting that the board was looking to bring new leadership into the boardroom by removing both co-founders from their positions and installing a single CEO.

Saadi goes on to point out that there are clear parralels to be drawn with the resurgence of Nokia and the Nokia Lumia 800, showing that at the moment a change in strategy or CEO won't help.

"Look at what is happening to Nokia one year after the change of the leadership and shift in strategy: The company is still struggling and it is unlikely we can see any strong comeback of Nokia before end of 2012 at the earliest."

BlackBerry in trouble?

The news has come after a tumultuous year for RIM and its smartphone arm BlackBerry with the company having to deal with a number of technical faults that left millions of customers without their BlackBerry services.

This was then followed by the announcement that the BlackBerry 10 release date wouldn't be until the late quarter of 2012 with the company citing hardware issues as the reason for the delay.

What do you think, could this be just what the doctor ordered for RIM or is it a risky move at a time when the company is in hot water? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

Source: Financial Post