RIM to block BlackBerry users accessing online pornography

Indonesian BlackBerry users to face obligatory smut filter

BlackBerry porn filter to hit Indonesia

Research in Motion, the Canadian company behind BlackBerry smartphones has announced it is to introduce internet pornography filters after the Indonesian government threatened users’ internet access would be ‘shut down’ if the company failed to comply.

With more than 2 million users facing a mobile internet blackout within two weeks, RIM has declared it will meet the demands of the Indonesian Communications Minister Tifatul Sembiring and will block access to porn sites from its devices “as soon as possible”.

Passed in 2008, the anti-porn bill responsible for the increased pressures of RIM is believed to have already been adhered to by most other telecoms companies operating in what is the world’s largest Muslim nation in terms of population.

Following Sembiring’s threats, the BlackBerry manufacturers announced: Research In Motion confirms that it shares minister Tifatul Sembiring's sense of urgency on this matter and it is fully committed to working with Indonesia's carriers to put in place a prompt, compliant filtering solution for BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia as soon as possible."

Seemingly less than impressed by RIM’s belated offering, Sembiring responded: "So, do it."

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Via: Guardian