RIM replaces BBX with BlackBerry 10 as official OS name

RIM loses court battle to keep BBX name so goes with 10

Expected to appear in the first half of 2012, BlackBerry 10 is now the official name for RIM's new smartphone OS previously known as BBX

RIM has opted to go for BlackBerry 10 as the official name for it's new smartphone OS after losing a court battle which, if won, would have seen them keep the BBX monacle.

The decision was made after BlackBerry was ordered by the federal courts to remove the title when it was found that software company BASIS was already in possession of the BBX name and had legal right to keep hold of it.

Since that announcement RIM has now revealed via Twitter that it would lose the BBX title and instead go for BlackBerry 10 as the name that would become synonymous with RIM's new Android-compatible OS.

BlackBerry 10 phones..

There has already been widely hyped talk about which handset would be the first to have the OS onboard and at the moment the best bet appears to be on the BlackBerry 'London' which has been spied running what is believed to a early version of BlackBerry 10.

With a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 1GB RAM on board it would certainly be in direct competition with the top smartphones rumoured to be coming out next year such as the HTC Edge and the Sony Ericsson Xperia HD.

Source: Engadget