RIM: QNX will replace BlackBerry OS

PlayBook OS to gazump newly minted BB OS6

webOS-like interface set to make its way to BlackBerry smartphones.

The BlackBerry PlayBook’s sleek and sharp new OS, built by QNX, has caused plenty to coo over its similarity to webOS. And now a RIM Vice President has confirmed that it will eventually be making its way to BlackBerry blowers too, replacing BlackBerry OS, which has only recently been given an overhaul.

The comments, made to IntoMobile at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco, suggest that the process will be lengthy and that RIM is not keen to kill of BlackBerry OS6 just weeks after it was unveiled.

Indeed, the same VP reckons there’ll be a BlackBerry OS7 before the new QNX effort finally slips out onto the likes of the Bold and the Storm.

This is undoubtedly a smart move from RIM, as the new QNX tablet OS looks every inch an iOS and Android battler. Let us know what you think of the plans over on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Via IntoMobile