RIM gives free BlackBerry PlayBook to Android app devs

Free PlayBook for porting Android app to PlayBook OS

With the PlayBook OS looking to get upgraded this year BlackBerry is looking to increase the number of well known apps on the device with this incentive

RIM is offering a free BlackBerry PlayBook to any Android developer who ports an Android app to BlackBerry's PlayBook OS in the hopes of increasing BlackBerry's app share.

The offer was put in place in preparation for the incoming BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 OS which will see a number of improvements including the ability to run Android apps.

RIM has designed a set of tools which will help Android developers convert their apps easily and if the app is then approved and adheres to the terms and conditions set out by RIM then the dev gets their hands on a shiny new PlayBook.

This is a welcome boost for a company which has seen turbulant times with a new CEO in the form of Thorsten Heins and will have to go a year without releasing any handsets running their upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS.

What the news does suggest however is that upcoming BlackBerry smartphones such as the recently leaked BlackBerry London will also be compatible with Android apps.

Source: The Inquirer