RIM employee resigns, writes a damning open letter

...Then BlackBerry maker responds in defensive form

What do you do when you leave a company? If you work for RIM, you write a letter slating the company's BlackBerry smartphone efforts and leak it online.

It’s the dream of many to leave your place of work in a blaze of glory – going out by telling everyone exactly what you think. That’s exactly what one supposedly high-ranking RIM employee has done, writing a damning resignation letter to the BlackBerry maker that doesn’t pull any punches.

In the letter, the anonymous ex-employee lets rip on the company’s strategy, stating that RIM “often make[s] product decisions based on strategic alignment, partner requests or even legal advice – the end user doesn’t care.”

“Teams still aren’t talking together properly, no one is making or can make critical decisions, all the while everyone is working crazy hours and still far behind,” the letter continues. The writer concludes by suggesting that “there is a serious need to consolidate our focus to just a handful of employees.”

RIM responded in a pretty defensive manner. The company stated that it’s hard to fight against criticism from an anonymous source, but that it was working hard and “aggressively addressing both the company’s challenges and its opportunities.” The BlackBerry Playbook maker rounded off by suggesting that “RIM is more committed than ever to serving its loyal customers and partners around the world.”

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