Ridge Racer Vita DLC to land as in box add-on

Gold Pass to add five additional cars and three new tracks to the Vita bound racing sim

Ahead of the February 22nd Sony PS Vita UK release date, developer Namco has confirmed its upcoming Ridge Racer title will land alongside DLC content

Developer Namco Bandai has revealed that its stalwart of Sony console launches, Ridge Racer, will come with a free day one downloadable content pack when the racing sim lands for the upcoming Sony PlayStation Vita later this month.

Set to land alongside the official Sony PlayStation Vita UK release date on February 22nd, the Ridge Racer Vita launch will see early adopter add a bevy of downloadable content to the racing release direct from the box.

Ridge Racer Vita DLC

Granting gamers access to five addition vehicles, three new racing venues, two further music tracks and an ‘extended music mix’ the Ridge Racer Vita DLC will be made available via a ‘Ridge Racer Gold Pass’ that comes boxed with the portable gaming release.

With further Ridge Racer DLC content scheduled to be made available in April via a Silver Pass, the first round of post release content will be available free up until March 31st after which gamers will need to fork out 6.99 Euros (£5.85) to make use of the additional content.

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