Reid and Heath Acoustics unveil new CA-200 headphones

Cans that combine looks, performance and a price that won't make you weep

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Reid and Heath Acoustics may have just started out but they've been hard at work to combine value headphones that offer quality of sound and are stunningly designed, here is their latest creation, the CA-200

Reid and Heath Acoustics have unveiled their premium CA-200 headphones which are clearly aimed at both the style-conscious and after a quality set of cans.

Based in Glasgow the relatively new company has already proven its worth with their retro-looking SA-500 cans which have shown that you don't need to pay the earth for a pair of headphones that can look good, won't fall apart within a week and will still give you great sound.

RHA CA-200 Features:

With a minimalist design the CA-200 will come with their own patented ErgoFit adjustable mechanism for the earcups which, using a ball and slider, allows the wearer to pivot the earcups in six-axis providing what they think will be the best fit for each head.

They also come with dual-detachable fabric braided cables which allow for easy storage and helps prevent the cables from falling apart after prolonged wrapping around the headphones themselves.

With gold-plated connections on both ends they'll also sound the best they possibly can, which is just as well as they contain 40mm mylar drivers which RHA believes will give you the best sound.

RHA CA-200 Release Date and Price:

They have an expected release date of 1 November and once they've hit our shores you can get hold of a pair for £39.99. With just a few headphones and earphones out at the moment RHA is apparently working hard on yet more products so if you like the look of these keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

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