Revised Nintendo Wii U controller leaks ahead of E3

Nintendo looks set to showcase a heavily revised Wii U console at the upcoming E3 2012

With just days to go until E3 2012 flings open its doors, Nintendo has seen its heavily revised Wii U controller splashed across the web

A revised Nintendo Wii U controller has leaked online just day’s ahead of the console’s expected in-depth unveiling at the LA based E3 2012 gaming expo.

Having been originally unveiled at E3 2011 Nintendo is expected to once again showcase its Wii follow-on console at the gaming convention with the newly leaked controller images revealing a number of key design changes to the device’s tablet-esque handheld units.

Snapped sporting traditional analogue sticks as opposed to the previously featured nubs similar to those found on the Nintendo 3DS, the leaked Wii U controller has been heavily revised with the ‘start’ and ‘select’ buttons also being overhauled and repositioned on the controller’s right hand side.

Elsewhere, the tablet sized Wii U controller is seemingly set to see its square sync button moved in line with the directional pad whist the leaked images include the first hardware to be snapped sporting the Wii U logo seemingly dispelling reports the Japanese gaming giant was to change the console’s name.

Nintendo Wii U Rumours

Despite having already been officially unveiled, concrete details, features and functions of the upcoming Wii U remain hazy with the console expected to undergo a number of considerable revisions ahead of its formal in-store release later this year.

Although exact pricing and release information has yet to be confirmed, key Nintendo personnel have revealed the console will launch later this year in a bid to capitalise on the lucrative pre-Christmas rush.

"Wii U will launch some time between E3 - which is in June - at the end of the year so essentially the second half of the year,” Nintendo’s US head Reggie Fils-Aime said recently.

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Via: CVG