Revamped Doom 3 debuts on PS3

Doom 3 is to be re-released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC with new missions, new visuals and full support for 3D devices.

The cult series returns as Doom 3: BFG Edition goes on sale this autumn – making its debut on the PlayStation 3

id Software will release Doom 3: BFG edition in Autumn – essentially a revamped version of Doom 3, with brand-new missions, upgraded visuals, fine-tuned controls, a new in-game save system and support for 3D TVs, monitors and head-mounted displays.

The game will be available on Xbox 360, PC, and for the first time in the series’ history, PlayStation 3.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to the BFG Edition is the 3D support for Head-Mounted Devices.

Also included in the re-release is a re-mastered version of the 2005 add-on pack Resurrection of Evil, as well as Doom and Doom 2 in their original format.

The most significant change to the gameplay is the single-player story ‘The Lost Mission’ which brings seven new missions to Doom 3.

Another addition is the new checkpoint save system which the developers say will provide a ‘smoother’ progression through the game.

The controls have been tweaked and an armour-mounted flashlight has been added, letting players search out the dark corners of the maps whilst still being able to open fire at whatever may be lurking in the shadows.