Retweet, sexting and woot enter the Concise OED

Technology and social trends influence new words' inclusion

Woot! We've just been retweeted.

Many tech words, including 'retweet' (repost or forward a message on Twitter) and 'sexting' (the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone) have been included in the centenary anniversary of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Some other tech words that have also been included are 'woot' (used to express elation, enthusiasm and triumph), 'textspeak' (language regarded as characteristic of text messages) and 'cyberbullying' (the use of electronic communication to bully a person).

This is the twelfth edition of the dictionary and includes 400 new words, and has many technological and social influences in the choice of new words.

The words were selected after they were entered into a database of two billion words from contemporary websites and texts to see how widely they are being used.

"It's how the dictionary has always worked - we get as much evidence as we can so we know it's not just a small number of people using the word and it's not going to disappear," said Angus Stevenson, the dictionary's editor.

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Via: The Telegraph