Resident Evil 6 to be 'largest' Capcom game ever

Ahead of the game's November release Resident Evil 6 developer Capcom has outed its scale

Resident Evil 6 is to be the largest game Capcom has ever produced the developer has revealed ahead of the November Resident Evil 6 release date

Following its official unveiling last week developer Capcom has revealed that the upcoming Resident Evil 6 release is to the biggest production the studio has ever undertaken.

Reviving the aging horror franchise that resulted in a series of Hollywood action flicks Capcom is set to out the eagerly Resident Evil 6 release in November of this year with a larger team ensure the PS3 and Xbox 360 title lands with more expansive gameplay than ever before.

“This is by far the largest scale production Capcom has ever embarked on,” said Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Executive Producer on the upcoming release. “Between the 150 staff members in Japan and everyone around the world we have more than 600 people involved, a lot of work has gone into this game.”

Resident Evil 6 Features

Boasting a narrative more “intricately designed” than in previous Resident Evil titles the franchise’s sixth instalment will land bigger than ever before with a bevy of “intense drama, realism and surprising plot twists.”

Resident Evil 6 not only has a larger world and deeper experience than you have played before but we are excited to say it is a blend of action and survival horror - something we like to call 'dramatic horror',” said the game’s Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi.

Are you looking forward to a bigger and better Resident Evil game than ever before or do you think Capcom should simply let the aging series go? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: Eurogamer