Reddit implements up and down voting on adverts

The social news site will let you pass judgement on adverts in your browser

Reddit, the popular social news site, has announced a change to its advertisements giving users the option to up and down vote them.

Reddit, the social news and entertainment website, offers registered user’s the chance to submit content and comments in either link or text posts on a vast range of subjects.

Another popular feature of the site is the ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ system on articles that they like/do not like.

An update was posted from Reddit’s senior manager of operations Jena Donlin onto the site informing users that reddit will be using a new ad provide, Adzerk. The move sees them changing from DoubleClick for Publishers.

Users of the site will be able to “thumbs down” an ad meaning that it will no longer appear in the browser. The opportunity to give feedback will also be given in order to help shape reddit ads in the future.

“We take great pride in the fact that reddit is one of the few sites where people actively disable ad blockers,” Donlin posts.

The move will see reddit joining sites such as Stack Exchange – the network of 100 question and answers websites - in its use of the Adzerk service.

Reddit user’s left various comments about the ad system. WMDistraction said, “Reddit’s the only place, for me, where ads worked as advertisors intended.”

Dewtrocity also stated “You notice them and actually click them sometimes just because they are unobtrusive, I never click on ads on other sites that are intrusive.”

Included in Reddit's many sub-forums the site holds popular 'Ask Me Anything' events where an interesting subject puts themselves forward for Q&A with the community. For example, last month Redditors welcomed Bill Gates to the site.

Social networking site Facebook also recently unveiled their new layout offering a more engaging, flexible ad system. The updated design allows users to hide the ad content with an easily accessible button as opposed to a drop-down menu.

Source: Reddit