Red5 Quadrocopter officially unveiled ahead of August release

New Quad-rotor RC flying machine officially announced as pre-orders kick off

Set to be a cut-price rival to the Parrot AR Drone, RED5 has made its new Quadrocopter available for pre-order ahead of next month's release

Gadget shop Red5 has officially announced the launch of Quadrocopter, an advanced remote controlled helicopter which can be flown from next month.

With Quad-Rotor technology, which dynamically alters the speed of the four individual rotors, the Parrot AR Drone and Spy Hawk RC Plane rival is to land in a matter of weeks providing an “incredibly stable flight” experience for skilled pilots.

Red5 Quadrocopter Specs

Suitable for use both indoors and out, the Quadrocopter charges in just half an hour with each full charge offering users approximately 10 minutes worth of flying time.

Packaged with a wireless controller that touts its own information providing LCD display, the Quadrocopter requires six AA batteries and features a trio of varying control modes, meaning that fliers new to Quadrocopter can ease themselves in.

True 3D flight patterns can be created – up/down, yaw, banking and pitch – via the four channel control, stabilised by a gyroscope.

Red5 Quadrocopter Pricing and Release Date

Available for pre-order now via the official Red5 website, a Quadrocopter UK release date will see eager consumers take control of the budget flying machine from August 20th. Those looking to snap up the quad-rotor machine will need to part ways with the £68.95 Red5 Quadrocopter price tag.

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Words: Tom Parfitt