Rdio launches in the UK to take on Spotify with ad-free music

Tune in on web browsers or through desktop and smartphone apps

US-based music streaming service Rdio comes to the UK to challenge Spotify with unlimited ad-free music over the web and a host of smartphone and desktop apps

On a day in which Spotify felt it might increase its dominance of the UK market with the launch of a beautiful new iPad app, one of its key Stateside competitors has crossed the Atlantic intent on stealing listeners away.

The US-based Rdio service, owned by the creators of Skype, brings unlimited ad-free access to millions of tracks through web-browsers, desktop apps for Mac and PC and smartphone and tablet apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Rdio, like Spotify allows users to listen to a certain amount of music free every month without committing to a subscription and those tunes will also be free of commerical interruption.

However if you want to go beyond that unspecified free listening period (once a green bar within the browser app runs dry you're out, there's no hourly limit) you'll need to subscribe to one of the two available packages if you want to keep listening.

For £4.99 a month you can get unlimited music through the browser and PC apps, but for a tenner you can unlock mobile apps and integration with streaming devices from Roku and Sonos. Those prices mirror Spotify's offering, but Spotify cannot offer a web-based listening experience.

Rdio's arrival in the UK (and France) has come with no official fanfare whatsoever, but we've been able to access the service and the relevant apps have already appeared in the App Store and on Google Play. Look out, Spotify.

You can start listening now at Rdio.com.

Via: TheNextWeb